Spring in bloom!

Did you that Spring means ‘First time and beginning’?

We bet that Spring renewal will get you…If not already done!

We throw you some ideas to start on the right fool this season!


  • The Spring big clean out! : Let’s go, bring your most powerful disinfectants and put your hair up in a bun, it’s time to make everything shine: clean the dusty spots, put away warm clothes and above all, get rid of things you don’t use anymore. For sure, it will be good for you too!
  • Time to get back to the garden! It’s time to beautify your backyard and your balconies. Choose flowers with vibrant colours or these fine herbs that smell so good…And plant! You’ll do this with a big smile because put hands in the ground  feel so good!
  •  Take back your best active habits! There is so many way to move! Walk, run, take the stairs, bike! You’ll grap all Vitamin D your body needed so bad during Winter!


Some suggestions of available products at Canadian Tire for your Spring projects!

Gardening glove at $7.99 – Disinfectant Comet $3.59 – Water Bottle without BPA $6.99 – Baseball training balls $14.99